We’ve all encountered a negative seedling in our life at one time or another.  They suck your soul dry.  They can’t stand the fact that you could be drudging through the middle of the jungle alone, starving and on the brink of death, yet you’d still be able to think about how lucky you are that you can walk.  Don’t ever let those people subdue your spirit.   In those moments, when it’s so hard to see beyond the doubts cast upon us by external forces, I urge you to overcome.   Take that fire burning within you to the next level.  You know that saying, kill them with kindness?  Don’t kill them with kindness. Smother them with positivity.

Sometimes, these life vultures allow us to self-destruct.  Could they be right?  Could it be that I’m never going to accomplish anything in my life? Don’t allow it.  WE are raw.  WE are human.  WE are fallable, but WE are capable in more than we know, especially when WE believe.


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