Absolutely love this–made me question everything I was doing and why I was doing it. 🙂

Body, Mind & Sol

Layers and layers of self we often have to let go of before we find our true core, some of my favourite yoga teachers say.

It’s so awesomely true that we can never actually just go “okay, this is it”. Without change and evolution of yourself, there’s no learning. The journey stops. Even if you found a really great space in your life and thought to yourself “I’ll just stay here for a while” – the moment you do that, you attach a meaning to being in that space and you stagnate and resist the flow, the journey.

By Simon Cocksedge for News Limited


I have personally resisted this one truth possibly the most. I used to very much think that once you work hard for something and you get it, you should be allowed to just enjoy it. Now, I read that sentence and I cringe. It shows such…

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