Bday Shenanigans!

Hi there! Well here I am falling off the blog wagon again!  You all need to make sure this doesn’t happen 🙂  Can I get a sponsor??  Although, I must say, I have a fairly good excuse.  I have been working my big fanny off!  Don’t worry, it’s only slightly worn off. I don’t want you to for one minute think I might not be be able to knock things off counters with my double bubble.  This job has me running at all cylinders, which I can assume you might have guessed, is utterly perfect for me.  Not only that, it’s in the travel industry, which is easily one of my biggest passions. Throw in a little bit of travel planning, a heavy dose of event planning, and a smidge of  marketing and you have yourself one happy Bobbi.   The only way it could get better is if they’d let me have an hour dance session for my break.  Well, I mean I guess I could go do that anyhow, but then everyone would think I’m weird, which is why I have to limit my dancing exclusively to me, myself, and I.  Such a shame!

Well my 31st bday week couldn’t have began any better. Who has a sad face at an amusement park like six flags? You’d have to really suck at life. I mean really suck, like you go to visit your grandma and she tells you to stop being a loser and put her dentures in. Gag.  It’s astonishing the way that they have revolutionized rollercoasters. I pretty much assume that time travel is coming around the bend after we rode the x2.  I’m still trying to figure out what happened  on that ride but it was the closest ride to skydiving I’ve ever been on!  Oh ya, and I went whale watching and didn’t see ANY whales.  I guess I was sick part of the time so that didn’t help, but I did manage to get a view pics of some seals having a party checking out the humans in the boat.  Then we went to watch the ALS documentary about Jason Becker, an AMAZING guitar player who was stricken with ALS right at the peak of his success.  This man records music by moving his chin up and down and linking his eyes. Having witnessed my father go through such struggles with ALS he might as well have been the Messiah to me!  I highly encourage you to watch “Not Yet Dead” when you have a moment. It dumbfounds me the amount of courage he has, and the amount of passion for music in his soul. Truly moving.. And the icing on the cake was our double bday party of course, in which I paraded around and introduced all of my new LA friends to one another.  I believe I told a girl she had a great “danceittude.” Yep, went there.  It wasn’t a great showing unfortunately, but that’s ok. I’m learning a few quality friends are much better than a lot of half ass ones!

I have a words to say about aging though, and that is what a royal pain is the asterisk it is!  I turned around to ask someone a question the other day and I had a sprain in my neck for like an hour.  Hangovers are brutal. What is good about this?  I guess when I have children it will be the fact that my cup of wisdom will spilleth over and they will be the first ones to drink from the cup, unless I get a monkey. Then the monkey gets ALL the wisdom, and the kids just learn to fling poo. Wait a minute.. lol

Well, that’s it for me until after my Oregon visit! Signing out! ❤

~Live to Inspire~

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jaime
    May 25, 2012 @ 02:07:28

    I vote for monkeys. 🙂


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