I know, I know, I know.. It’s been a LONG long time since I have written. Forgive me for getting a little Lost in LALA Land. It appears that is easy to do here. Maybe it’s just a surge in vitamin d that makes you forget about all those suffering in the gray NW;) I got my fix over Christmas -don’t you worry!

I’ve lived in California about 3 months now,but I can say I’m still an Oregon girl at heart. Why? Because I’m real. I smile when a stranger walks by. Or maybe that’s just a me thing..not sure:) I have more than my own intentions in mind when I’m having a conversation. My first question is not “what do you do?” My question is what is your name or where are you from? BUT I can play the role LA. I can play the role because I realize that in order to be here you have to be a little more selfish, but if you can manage to not get all kanye west (stay grounded) and make friends in LA, you have found the key to success. That key, I believe is time management. Well, and a bit of a competitive streak. I have told numerous people that if you don’t have the right personality here, you’ll get chewed up and spit out. I’ll be damned if I let LA conquer me! On that note, I thought it might interest some of you to have a brief synopsis of my experiences thus far,so here goes nothing.

Yes I know..TRAFFIC SUCKS! It’s brutal and not only between the hours of 5-7, though I can’t say I didn’t expect that coming here. It’s been an even bigger adjustment for me considering the fact that I used to think Portland was a big city. Combine that with a directionally challenged girl who can’t seem to find her way out of a wet paper sack and you have a driving disaster. Exactly where is this 1/16 native american at anyhow? I could use those navigation skills! Imagine my surprise when I was constantly being honked at my first couple weeks here and couldn’t figure out why! Oh, they are honking because I’m NOT turning on the red. MY BAD!

YES, LA can be expensive as hell. The rent is a little outrageous in some places, yet others I find comparable to downtown Portland. Going out to eat at fancy restaurants is what will really rob you. Our guacamole at a mexican restaurant one night was $28! Next time the guac costs that much I am asking to be spoon fed and it better come with a donkey!

YES, LA can be pretentious. There are girls here that look like a prototype that could only be configured by the guys from weird science(oh god I love the 80’s!) They are pretty– PRETTY DRY BORING AND DENSE. They are obsessed with nothing but their image. I can see how living here too long can change a person if you let yourself become a product of your environment. BUT,you also don’t have to look too hard to find someone who confirms that there is life among the stepford wives. They are revitalizing and they remind you why you live here again. You can meet people from ANYWHERE here. One night I happened to join a group of friends and we were all discussing the differences between the east coast and the west coast and whatnot. One guy says ” Isn’t Oregon just full of hipsters?” I laughed hysterically. Look at what we are known for!

HOWEVER, for all of the flaws contained in this city, I thrive off the energy here. It’s the city where dreams are made and destroyed, sometimes within the same month, and I guess I just like to be a part of the action. This city is bursting at the seams with people trying to live out their fantasies. It does make it competitive, and it does make you feel like somewhat of a rat in a big race,but who am I kidding? I’ve always been a part of the race, I’ve just got a few thousand more people to run next to now. Maybe they’ll help me, and maybe they wont, but I sure as hell will not let that dictate my future. And I have to say,shopping at your local Target and running into Molly Shannon is somewhat of a perk.

In reality, aren’t we all just trying to find a place that feels right? Somewhere we feel like we belong? There is going to be something wrong with every place you live. You just have to weigh the good against the bad and look for the positive things rather than the negative. In this case,thus far the cost of living + bad traffic is still worth jogging in the sun the day after Christmas:)

Happy Holidays everyone, and I’ll try to get out a year in review blog soon! xoxoxoxoxox
~Live to Inspire~

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