Preface to: Journey to OZ

I began this journey to Australia just as I do every time I travel abroad: anxiety stricken and extremely curious.  For me to state that it didn’t cross my mind that I could be washed away in a flood or blown away by a hurricane would be a bold faced lie.  Not to mention, traveling alone always throws extra obstacles your way. Will I get lonely? What if I don’t make new friends? Will I be safe traveling alone as a girl?  Those are just a few thoughts that run through your mind before you embark on an adventure such as this and I’m here to inform you that while you might encounter some rough patches, the euphoric feeling you attain from overcoming these fears and challenges will make you a better person.

Of course you will get lonely from time to time, but it is within loneliness that you find the corners of your mind you never knew existed.  If  you don’t make new friends staying in a hostel I would just go ahead and consider yourself a loser. 🙂 Or maybe, you just need to figure out better ways of connecting with other people. As for the safety issue, as a girl I trust my instincts and observe my surroundings. If you are street smart you shouldn’t have a problem traveling  alone.  Hopefully through my own words and story, I can motivate you to ascertain your own quest into the unkown, because if you think about it, what do you really have to lose?  People are always so shocked that I have traveled alone. Wait, you went to Australia by YOURSELF?  We, as people have a serious fear of isolation.  I understand it completely. I have a habit of turning on the t.v. so that I don’t feel alone in a room. However, I also enjoy pushing myself beyond my external comforts and this is something that I believe people do not do nearly enough of.


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