2009: In Review

As 2009 comes to close, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of the more poignant turning points of the year. For me, it was a challenge to let go of the control I had over basically every aspect of my life. I guess at some point you realize you have to focus on the things you CAN control. You can’t control other people; whether it be how they feel about you or how they react to situtations. You CAN however, control your attitude and how you embrace the sweet and sour moments of life. I may not be able to find a cure for ALS to save my father, but let me tell you how much I savor the rare and limited amount of time we have together. I suppose that it is only the lowlights that make you realize how special the highlights are.

I also believe that there is inevitably a balance in life. Haven’t you ever noticed that while one part of your life is thriving then the other just seems to be flopping around like a fish out of water? Well, I must say I did land an amazing job this year that proves to be suiting me well, although the schedule is somewhat INSANE. Like any job, I complain about it here and there, but being a host has to be one of the most entertaining jobs you could possibly have. I mean, I’ve actually grown quite fond of some of my guests, and even the ones who yelled at me or hate me I look back on with amusement.

I moved to the Portland suburbs this year and people still ask me why I drive so far for work every day, to which I reply, well I like to be closer to my fun than my work. And as far as fun is concerned, I suppose I have had my fair share of that this year as well. I ventured to Cabo San Lucas for the second time with my parents. I wanted to go do the things in Cabo that I would normally be too hungover to do every day. 🙂 I swam with dolphins, repeled, ziplined and I pushed myself beyond my limits. It was invigorating. Swimming with dolphins, by the way, is one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I wanted to take one home!

My birthday was a 20’s flapper/gangsta rage and most who came were decked to the nines. I had such a memorable birthday. Thank you to everyone who attended. These little things mean the world to me.

And summertime brought with it some of the most fondest memories of all. I joined a kickball team(shoutout mudmuckers!) and although I never made it to home base I met some of the coolest people and I rocked a monokini and tennis shoes playing kickball. It was on one kickball venture that I even tried and enjoyed my first beer…yes the first beer I’ve ever liked was…wait…wait for it… PBR! Yes, I am a redneck on the inside my people. Audrey, I miss you and you were the best capitain ever!

VEGAS–I will never forget the look on that mans face when leah and I were rolling around on the elevator floor dying of laughter(why were we laughing?) and he asks us where we are going. To which Leah replies: crazy and nowhere fast! Wanna come?! We scared the bejesus out of him! And of course there were many more moments of dancing and ludicrous pictures and full moons..but the majority of that is under wraps. Sorry:) Btw–chubies I love you!

Speaking of this chubie thing– let me get this straight. We are not a gang or a secret club..although we probably should be, cuz we know the secret to life..LIVING! And chubie is just bitches in T9 text talk;) I have met this group of people that have gradually become my other family. We all have totally different jobs, schedules, and lives and our ages range from 23(i think?)to 38 but the one thing we all have in common is that we make time for each other and we find ummm UNIQUE(?) ways to have fun. We have mustache parties, we abuse one another, we have sleepovers, we dress up, we dress down(HAHA), we dance, we make fun of ourselves, we eat, we float rivers, we snuggle, and we seek adventure.

Skydiving! Yes, I actually jumped out of perfectly good plane. I have to admit, I thought I was literally falling to my death for a few seconds, but as soon as I hit the ground I remembered everything I had to live for. Maybe sometimes you just have to remind yourself. 😉 Pooooor paco..she didn’t love it so much, but she sure was a good sport. We wore tutus skydiving and it was a day I WILL never forget. right Laura???

Around September I got involved in a walk sponsored by ALS and became team captain for my family. We raised so much money for the association and I know that it meant a lot to my dad. Having all of my friends and family there to support the same cause was uplifting and inspiring. I had to fight back a lot of tears that day. Fortunately, it was bright and sunny. Yes, I needed those sunglasses!

Well, as far as my love life is concerned, that is for ME to know. Sorry folks, that’s a whole new upcoming blog..My So-Called Sex in the City. 😉

I hope the new year brings all of you happiness and even though I am weary of 2010, it is still amazing to find out what’s in that unopened box. Live to inspire…



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