Just dance!

Have you ever observed a child at a wedding reception? Almost inevitably, they are the only ones brave enough to dance without any alcohol consumption. Well, at least I hope. If the new trend is to give lil Johnny a flask of burbon to sip on between crappy songs, than I am sadly out of the loop.
Anyhow, the point is that as adults we have become so fixated on what other people think about us we tend to gravitate toward what the masses are doing. Oh heavens, nobody is dancing and I might look awkward so I’m just going to sit in my chair and wait for everyone to pack the dance floor so that I can hide in the middle. Well, I’m hear to say, just  dance!  Get of your lil chicken liver butt and face your fears. You liked to do it as a child and then somewhere along the way society told you that you shouldn’t for whatever reason. Well, I have news for you.  Unless you’re competing on so you think you can dance, nobody really gives a rip!  Sure, we might giggle a little if you’re dance moves are completely wretched, but in all honesty I’d much rather hang out with the  person making an attempt  to dance horribly than the person who stands in the corner because they’re too scared.  Let yourself dance and laugh at yourself if you’re horrible. Everyone digs a bit of self-depracation every now and then. I mean, I sing karaoke and I’m the worst singer in the world. Of course, I don’t do it consistently because I do care to a certain extent about what other people think about me, just probably not as much as most people.
So get out there people. Bust a move! Do the sprinkler, the running man, or invent your own move. I need a dancing buddy. Frickety frack!


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