Nocturnal Rants

Well, today was an interesting day to say the least. I went grocery shopping for the first time in months at the glorious SUPER-walmart. I know, I know, some of my friends who oppose globalization are going to stone me for  supporting  the ma and pa business obliterator, but sometimes you just want to go to a place that has every damn thing you can think of at a reasonable price. Now if any of you have ever been to the  Super-walmart located on Lancaster in salem this message is going to sound all too familiar.  I  could be there for hours, not just to grocery shop, but to people watch. Have you ever looked at the people who frequent this establishment? Seriously, take a moment next time to stop and look at them.  More often than not, the crowd is composed of people who are just slightly more put together than a hillbilly trailer trash crack whore. It’s as if they just disposed of the trailer because Billy bob got a raise and they have graduated  to the hood.  The dye jobs with the hideous 10 month growout, the sweats paired with the I love America shirt masking the braless ho-ho’s that clearly are in DYER need of a bra because they are more of a blob  on the stomach than ho-hos, and the utterly fascinating forms of teeth, or lack thereof.  I wanted to ask them, can I please buy you a mirror?  Then I realize, well the fact is they just don’t care. Oh well, at least I got a bit of a self-esteem boost for the evening.

I come home to watch a bit of afternoon talk shows with Val before I lose my second wind and we discover something new on the Dr.Phil show. Who would have thought you could learn something new from that guy? Anyhow, the show’s topic is about dangerous teen behavior, and there is a mother who is concerned about her son doing a drug called salvia. Salvia?? What is this drug that we have never even heard of that is apparently legal in Oregon? Being me, I had to google that shit, and come to find out the effects of this drug are comparative to LSD. How on earth have I never heard of this, and how is it that a drug like this is legal while marijuana and others are outlawed? Does anyone out there know anything else about this?  Has anyone ever tried it? It has my curiosity peaked. Hmmm… interesting.

Well, I guess that is all for me. Until next time..


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